Argentinian, named Jorge and father of Francisco and Jacinta

10 may, 2017


His name is Jorge and he is Argentinian, he is married to a Portuguese woman and has two children named Francisco and Jacinta. Guard-Sacristan at the Shrine of Fatima, he will take part along with his family in the procession of the Offertory of the Mass of the 13th May.

A grace, like he said, that filled him with joy: “ It´s hard to talk about strong emotions like these. It filled me completely, it made me full of happiness and gratitude.

The invitation was received by the family with great joy: “It was one more reason for us to pray with even more intensity. Our prayer is now centred on the canonisation of these two lovely children, to whom we learnt to love.”

Born in the province of Chaco in the north of the country, which the capital is Resistance, Jorge Hernan Sosa met the Portuguese Isabel in Buenos Aires. They got married in 2005 and then decided to move to Portugal and to live in Pombal, where the parents of the bride lived.

During three years he have had several occupations, while Isabel got a job as a teacher. In 2008 they replied to a job advertisement, they were interviewed and then accepted by the Shrine of Fatima, place where they always wanted to work. Jorge started to work as a guard and Isabel at the reception of pilgrims.

“When we got married, Isabel told me that the best place to live would be in Fatima. It was always the place where we wanted to live and raise our family”, he said.

This was always a sign that the Divine Providence “never stopped looking after this young man from Chaco.”

“When we walk near the abyss, God looks after us and doesn't let us fall. That's what always happened to us”, he said with a smile on his face.

During the time spent in Buenos Aires there were just a few contacts established with the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio.

“I remember that I was once on a celebration at the cathedral, presided by the now Pope”, he said.

The invitation by the organization of the Pilgrimage surprised him: “there is no merit”. I was chosen and I am very grateful, we are all very grateful. All our relatives, friends and neighbours are also very happy. We know that we are going to represent all those people. We just hope to be worthy of this responsibility”.

“All the graces that we're going to receive in the celebration of this Centennial and in the canonisation, we're just going to understand them later. I only know that is a light that blinds us and that we will gradually understand it. There are no shadows. It's a light that enlightens and guides us”, he added.

“I'm sure that with time I will manage to understand all of this, to explain everything and to realize what was my mission”, he concluded.


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