More than 5, 3 million people participated on the celebrations that took place in Fatima over the course of 2016, according to the statistics released by the Shrine.

Calculations are made by approximation, since people who visit the Shrine do not need any registration, except the organized pilgrimages that need the Shrine´s support or need to use the Shrine´s facilities.


Organized Pilgrimages

Last year more than 4.396 organized pilgrimages were in Fatima, of which 1.686 were from Portugal (38, 3%), involving 568.319 people, and 2.710 coming from abroad (124.459 people), who participated in the 9.890 celebrations carried out, of which 7.082 were masses, with a total of 35.313 concelebrants.

Within the country, the greater number of pilgrimages comes from the area of Lisbon (439-41.396 pilgrims), then Porto, with less pilgrimages, but almost as many pilgrims (277-41.191) and then Braga, with 149 organized pilgrimages, involving 30.000 people.


Numbers and origin of pilgrims

Comparing to 2015, there are more pilgrims, rising 17, 99%: from 587.129 people to 692.778, taking into consideration that internally the number of visitors increased from 461.300 to 568.319, meaning a growth of 23, 1%.

As for foreign pilgrimages, Spain clearly rules as the origin country, with 505 organized pilgrimages and 32.387 pilgrims, far from Italy (359-13.292) and Poland, with 273 pilgrimages and 11.395 people.

On this list, United States follows with 8.274 people integrated on the 238 pilgrimages, but the surprise comes from Ukraine, which with only 20 organized visits, mobilized 6,719 people, more than the 5.906 people from 168 pilgrimages coming from Brazil

October was the favourite month for pilgrimages coming from out of the country, with 497 trips and 23.959 people, following May (363-15.435) and September (356-14.288).

September is equally the favourite month for the Portuguese pilgrims, with 120.256 people arriving at the Shrine, following October (105.256) and June (81.860).


Informations in the Shrine

The Information Office of the Shrine was sought by 400.577 people, as 996.000 visitors were registered in the exhibition Fatima Light and Peace and the House-Museum of Aljustrel. The two temporary exhibition of the Shrine during 2016 were visited by 254 250 people.

In 2016, 400 journalists were accredited by the Social Media Department and the main journal of the Shrine, Voz da Fatima (Voice of Fatima), had a monthly print run of 71.000 copies with eight pages each.

The Fatima Light and Peace Bulletin was edited in the seven official languages of the Shrine (Portuguese, English, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish).

In total, the Shrine had 312 employees in 2016 and counted with the help of 431 volunteers. 

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