Train is also an option, but since there is no train station near Fatima, the trip turns out to be longer and more expensive.

It is advisable to check in the website of the Portuguese railways – CP the reinforcements of the connections. 

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There are two train stations near Fatima. The most best-known, the station of Chão de Maçãs, is 25 kilometers away from the Shrine. This distance must be covered by bus or taxi. 

The train station of Caxarias, who also serves Fatima, has taxis and regular buses to connect to the Shrine. It is advisable to go to the station of Caxarias if one arrives at the end of the day by train.

As alternative to who intends to catch the train is to exit in Leiria (Gândara dos Olivais), where there is a taxi stand and transfers to Leiria, from where there are many buses to Fatima, almost every hour.

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